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- 22 November 2000 - New page for Nagoya. You can find the review by clicking on the puzzle piece of Nagoya. Obviously the review is in italian and english. Now I will start working on Tokyo :-)

- 5 November 2000 - A bettering of the interface which will automatically recognize the language you have chosen. I'm working on the Nagoya review.

- 6 October 2000 - I have put a script in the main page so that if you don't have the correct Flash player you will be automaticall brought to the autoinstall process.

- Now you can have an email account as with 6MB to store your messages, an easy interface, an automatic filter against spam and a lot of other features.

- "Keith Jarrett - The Piano" has changed address. Now you reach it at

- I have upgraded the sound excerpts contained in the pages of the concerts. Now they should be a bit more defined

- Sorry for my slow upgrading but fortunately this is not my only site as you can see in the "The Author" page